Kevin Durant on spat with Dwyane Wade: 'I just voiced my opinion'

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Kevin Durant said James Harden should be a top 10 player and Dwyane Wade should not be. Wade responded to Durant, Durant tweeted back. Wade was asked about it and said he had nothing more to say. 

So with Friday being the Thunder's media day, it was Durant's turn at the response to the response to the response to the response, and he took the high road, heaping praise on Wade. 

"Dwyane Wade is a great, great player, man," Durant said. "I'm not discrediting anything he's done or nothing like that. I just voiced my opinion. He's a great, great player. Finals MVP and champion. I didn't mean to disrespect that or take that away or anything. I just voiced my opinion as of today. I love you D-Wade, man. It's just competition."

Durant's right (about voicing his opinion). He was asked, and he answered. He said what he thought and Wade took offense to it. Don't we want professional athletes to give us their honest answers?

Wade clearly took Durant's slight personally though, saying he'd "make him respect your place in history... again." Durant then tweeted, "Show me don't tweet me," and here we are. 

James Harden, the player caught in the middle of it, agreed with Durant on Thursday, saying he's "for sure" a top 10 player. 

“For sure,” Harden said. “For sure. Last year I got a chance to prove it, I kind of broke out of the shell a little bit. Even though it was my first year [as a starter], I've got a lot more to prove. I've kind of always been the underdog, always been looked over, so it's nothing new."

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