Kevin Durant says he 'accidentally' liked an Instagram comment criticizing Russell Westbrook

A semi-feud was born between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook when they split up in the 2016 offseason. There was a point and time last season where the former teammates refused to interact with each other during Warriors-Thunder games, but time has healed some of those old wounds. They still don't seem incredibly fond of each other, but it's no longer as awkward and as tense as it used to be.

However, if social media is to be believed, then their feud remains incredibly petty. It was discovered on Monday that Durant liked a comment by an Instagram user in a post discussing Durant's advice to young Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo about how he should leave Milwaukee if he's not having fun. 

The Instagram comment liked by Durant's account was critical of Westbrook during K.D.'s stint in OKC, calling Russ "the problem."


Durant says it was a "total accident" while he scrolled through comments on Instagram and that there's "no story here" regarding his snafu.

This isn't the first time this season Durant has had a social media slip-up involving his former teammate. Earlier this season, he sent out some criticisms of Westbrook and the Thunder in an apparent "sleepy haze" after a nap. Many people believe he meant to send these tweets out from a secret burner Twitter account because the tweets were in third person.

Whether this was intentional or by accident, one thing has been proven with Durant this season: He might need to take a break from social media because it just seems to put him in some really awkward situations. 

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