Kevin Durant says in YouTube comment that LeBron James is not better than him

Kevin Durant is one of the most extremely online players in the NBA. 

Twitter users have no doubt seen his multitude of incredible tweets from the early days of the platform, and he's gotten back in the Twitter game this offseason. But now he's taken to a new platform to share his thoughts.

That's right, Kevin Durant is a YouTube commenter now. 

On Monday, Durant posted a question on the "Community" section of his YouTube account, asking "Narrative or skill? Which one matters more to you?"

A few replies later, YouTube user "Joe Deezy" decided not to answer the question, but rather make a statement to Durant, saying "LeBron is better than you it's just fax." 

Now, most players may have just ignored that comment, but most players are not as online as KD, who quickly shot back with a one word reply: "Nah."

Kevin Durant's one-word response to the comment that LeBron James is better than him. YouTube

Kevin Durant rules because he's extremely good at basketball, like one of the two best players in the world good, but also extremely petty and unable to let any comment go on social media. And to think regular people supposedly don't have anything in common with professional athletes. 

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