Kevin Durant says Kobe Bryant is the GOAT (along with Jordan)

Kevin Durant respects Kobe Bryant.  (GETTY)
Kevin Durdant respects Kobe Bryadnt. (GETTY)

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Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant called Kobe Bryant the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Thursday before OKC's game against the Lakers

“He’s the greatest of all time. His skill is second to none. Him and MJ are neck and neck as far as skill,” Durant said. “Kobe is the top two best ever in just having skill, footwork, shooting the 3, shooting the pull-up, posting up, dunking on guys and ball handling. Kobe and Jordan are 1 and 1A."

via As Kobe Bryant sits it out, Kevin Durant is stepping it up.

Strong words from the player many consider the MVP this season. It does reflect the attitude most players from Durant's generation have, though. Bryant was the megastar in Durant's formative years. Just as the next phase of players will likely feel the same way about LeBron. 

Bryant has to go down as a top-five player on any list. From there, you can debate the rest. But at least we know where Durant stands. 

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