Kevin Durant doesn't want to be an All-Star Game captain, but Stephen Curry does

The NBA All-Star Game is going to be a bit different this season. 

Instead of a straight Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference matchup, the players selected for the game from each conference will be picked playground style by two captains. The player from each conference with the highest number of votes will get to be the captain. Or, for some players, have to be the captain. 

Kevin Durant, for example, said recently that he would prefer not to have to deal with being captain. Via The Athletic:

"I don't want to do it," Durant told The Athletic. "I'd rather somebody else do it. It's cool to be an All-Star, but all the extra stuff ... I just want to go play in the game. (The new format)'s cool, a different way, a creative way that's good for the fans. But me, I'll let somebody else pick the teams."

Durant's teammate Steph Curry, however, would have no problem making the picks. 

"Why not?" Curry said of taking on captaincy. "I'll be the first to usher in the new system. I used to go to the playground all the time, and you wanted to be the guy picking teams. That meant you were something on the court back in the day. It'll be a cool vibe to see how it all shakes out and how unique you can make the lineups."

This, really, is not surprising in the least. Well, OK, maybe it's a little surprising that Durant just came right out and said so pointedly that he wants no part of it, but the fact that he doesn't want to deal with the drama of making the picks is extremely Durant. And for Curry, who has always seemed more relaxed and confident than KD, it's very much like him to eagerly accept that kind of responsibility.

As for who will actually be the captain, that's likely to come down to the final day of voting. The two Warriors are well out ahead of the rest of the field in the West. And after the latest vote tally, Curry is in the lead, but only by about 43K votes over Durant. 

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