Kevin Durant: Warriors wanted to beat Sixers so Joel Embiid couldn't talk trash on Twitter

There are countless ways that players and teams find motivation to help power them to victory on any given night throughout the season. Maybe they want to keep a winning streak going, or break out of a slump, or even prove someone wrong. 

Or, as Kevin Durant revealed on Saturday night after the Golden State Warriors rallied for a huge comeback victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, they want to win so their opponent won't talk trash on Twitter dot com.

"We didn't want to lose to these guys. especially Joel [Embiid]. He would've went straight to Twitter and talked s---," Durant told the media following the win.


And, also, extremely correct. Embiid would have talked a ridiculous amount of trash if the Sixers had pulled off this victory. Just look at his social media accounts after he went off to help the Sixers beat the Lakers the other day. The Lakers! He would have taken NBA Twitter to an entirely different realm if the Sixers had beaten the defending champs.

Alas, Embiid and Co. will have to wait until next season to take another shot at the Warriors, as they've already played their two games against each other this season. Well, unless the Sixers make the Finals.

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