Kevin Love accepts Kelly Olynyk's apology: 'No hard feelings'

After getting tangled up in the first round of the playoffs with Kelly Olynyk, Kevin Love dislocated his shoulder and missed the rest of the Cavs' postseason. Love was irate with Olynyk afterwards and his anger with the Celtics big man continued throughout the playoffs.

At one point, Love was refusing to accept Olynyk's apology. However, in a recent interview with ESPN's Pablo Torre, he says things are now "all good" between them.

You don't want to have any bad blood; the NBA is an elite fraternity. As time went on, I was upset, but I always knew that I was going to get to the point where I could talk to Kelly and say, "Hey, man. All good." So we could move on. So I asked my agent to get me Kelly's number. And that was it, just a text exchange: "Just want to let you know, no hard feelings. It's all part of the game." It was very genuine. He told me he appreciated it. I didn't want him to worry about what anyone was saying these days. I expressed that I was initially very upset, which I thought was understandable. But I don't think he is that type of player. We're cool.

It may have taken him some time, but this is the right attitude for Love to have about Olynyk. Let bygones be bygones and just move on. 

Kevin Love has no beef with Kelly Olynyk
Kevin Love has no beef with Kelly Olynyk. (USATSI)
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