Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and the Cavaliers are under a bright spotlight right now. More so than a typical LeBron James team would usually be under. It all has to do with Thomas reportedly calling out Love in a team meeting for "faking sickness" when he left the Cavs' blowout loss to the Thunder early.

The fallout to this meeting has been one long spiral that has Cleveland's every move being analyzed to the smallest detail. This includes how Love and Thomas are currently interacting with their teammates and each other. Such as this play where Love pulled down a rebound and then bent over to hand the ball to Thomas.

To be honest, this play really feels like nothing. Love pulled down a rebound and instead of firing it up court to get a fastbreak going, he merely handed it off to Thomas. If it hadn't been for this week's drama it would have gone unnoticed, but the Cavs' spotlight is shining brighter than ever right now. Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, however, says there was something to this moment.

Thomas left before reporters were allowed in the locker room. He also didn't speak after the loss at San Antonio. But he did plenty of talking during Monday's team blowout - particularly with comments directed at Love. Multiple sources told The Athletic that Thomas and Dwyane Wade instigated the conversation with Love, which soon involved the entire team and management. So Love made the unorthodox move of grabbing a defensive rebound in the first quarter, then bending at the waist to hand the ball to Thomas. The intent was clear. The fact Love and Thomas have lockers side by side in the Cavs' home locker room makes the whole thing a little more uncomfortable.

This moment might be nothing. It could be everything. The only people that know for sure are Thomas and Love, but it's a perfect example of what the Cavs will be going through for the next month if not the rest of the season. Everything they do on camera is going to be put in a video and shared on social media. 

For example, on Friday night Thomas didn't run through the starting lineup line during team intros. He chose to stand off to the side.

This shouldn't mean anything. A lot of players choose to do this as opposed to running through the line. However, because of this dark drama filled cloud hanging over Cleveland, it can be seen as Thomas avoiding his teammates in a moment where usually everybody is together. 

This goes for Love as well. The big man was caught on video taking his warm up jacket off and throwing it towards Jeff Green

Does this mean anything? Probably not, but Kevin Love decided to troll the world with it anyways.

The Cavs aren't in a great place right now. There are clear problems that need to be addressed and fixed. However, until they stop looking like a drama filled mess, these small moments are going to shine brightly every time.