Although nothing has been officially announced by the league, the NBA is still planning to holding its All-Star Game on March 7 in Atlanta. As much as the league wants to put on this event, though, there have been several high-profile players who have come out publicly against holding the even citing safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The first player to speak out in opposition of the All-Star Game was Kings guard De'Aaron Fox, who said the idea of holding the game was "stupid," but added he would go if selected, mainly because players typically get fined if they opt out of the event. 

Fox recently reflected on that comment he made a few weeks back, and while he still doesn't agree with the idea, he says he would still go if chosen to participate.

"I definitely could've used a different word, or explained it differently with the COVID-19 situation, but obviously we're grateful if we're named All-Stars," Fox told the Stadium's Shams Charania. "You bring in a bunch of players together, and somebody could end up testing positive and the contact tracing that goes into it ... instead of two different teams it's now 12, 16 different teams, so that's where I stood on it. But if I was named one, I'd go. But that doesn't make the concept any less appealing than it was."

This will likely be the stance of several players across the league who will be chosen to participate in the All-Star Game, given the current state of the pandemic, on top of a condensed season with minimal down time. However, as Fox said, money makes the world go 'round, which is entirely the reason behind the NBA deciding to put this event on after originally canceling it back in November. There have been discussions about using the All-Star Game as an opportunity to raise money for COVID-19 relief organizations, as well as HBCU's but details have not been made official yet. 

While the sentiment is there to raise money for good causes, it's still a head-scratching decision by the league to create unnecessary travel in a season where 29 games have already been postponed due to the virus and heightened restrictions and protocols have been put in place to try and mitigate the spread of it.