Kings' DeMarcus Cousins said ref cursed at him before his ejection against the Jazz

DeMarcus doesn't always smile awkwardly. (Getty Images)

DeMarcus Cousins of the Kings is a talented young player who looks like he will most likely have a bright future in this league. He has been a rebounding force since his first game in the NBA and has learned how to become a relatively effective scorer. He also led the NBA in charges drawn during his second season.

However, Cousins has a reputation that goes well beyond his play on the court. And sometimes, that reputation is going to get him technical fouls or kicked out of games. Against the Utah Jazz in Sacramento on Sunday night, Cousins fouled Enes Kanter with 1:35 left in the third quarter. After the foul was called, Cousins kept playing and swiped at the ball to knock it out of Kanter's hands.

That earned Cousins a technical foul. Shortly after, he was ejected from the game when trying to plead his case to official Gary Zielinski. So what happened in his discussion with Zielinski that led to the ejection? Via the Sacramento Bee:

"The referee cursed at me," Cousins said. "He told me to go (expletive) ask the other referee (about the first technical foul). I was going to say something back, kept my cool and walked away and still end up with a technical. So I still don't understand."

Cousins said after Monday's practice he "didn't say a word" to Zielinski to warrant the technical foul.

Well, that seems inappropriate. Let's take a look at the videotape, Cotton!

So I'd say that the first technical is warranted. He kept playing after the whistle and swiped down in a way that will get you a technical more times than not. And while we can't really see or hear what Cousins said to get ejected or what Zielinski said to him, it definitely doesn't look like Cousins did much to get ejected after the first technical.

If the official did swear at the Kings' big man and Cousins didn't react (looks like he didn't react) then that's a bogus ejection. For once, it looked like Cousins tried to control his verbal and physical reactions to stay in line with what is expected of him. And yet, he still got tossed from the game.

With Cousins having a rough start to the season with officials (he's tied for the league lead with Carmelo Anthony with five technicals) and the NBA (he has served a two-game suspension for an incident with Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott), it's good to see him seemingly show restraint like I'm sure he has been told to do. However, he was still ejected from the game. What does that tell him about toeing the company line with the NBA and what they want him to do?

I'm sure the NBA will review this incident. We don't know if anything will come of it, but those are serious allegations that need to be dealt with, if true.

(H/T - Pro Basketball Talk)

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