Kings' Travis Outlaw fined $15,000 for J.J. Redick clothesline

During the contentious Saturday contest between the Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings, the Clippers were running a fast break in the fourth quarter. J.J. Redick filled the left lane, received the pass from Jamal Crawford, and started going up for a seemingly easy layup. Travis Outlaw of the Kings was hustling back to catch up to Redick to prevent a shot and he certainly managed to do that. 

Unfortunately for him, he prevented the shot by clotheslining Redick and brought him down hard to the ground. It was ruled a flagrant-2 foul and he was ejected from the game. That wasn't his only punishment for the reckless play. The league announced Outlaw will be fined $15,000 for the flagrant-2. 

It was deemed "excessive and unnecessary contact," which is why he received the fine in addition to the original penalty of being ejected. 

CBS Sports Writer

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