Kings will keep George Karl as coach, work on 'issues' collectively

With all of the never-ending drama and recent reports, it seemed like the Sacramento Kings would be firing head coach George Karl in the coming days. The Kings just had a miserable showing in the first half against the Boston Celtics on Sunday and then on Monday, there was a report that Karl would be fired before the All-Star break.

Karl and the Kings clearly have several issues, a fact that DeMarcus Cousins openly acknowledged. But it seems like Sacramento is determined to work everything out as they have changed their minds and now want to keep Karl. 

From CBS Sports' Ken Berger:

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports, the meeting Karl and Divac had focused on improving the team's defense, which is the sixth-worst in the league. The meeting was clearly quite advantageous for Karl as he still has his job. Before the meeting, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive wanted to fire Karl, but afterward Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports that "Divac talked him out of it."

Clearly Karl was able to convince Divac that he should still be the coach, but with all of the openness surrounding the whole situation, it sends a rather strange message to the players. They may think that management doesn't truly believe in their coach, so why should they?

This lack of trust between Karl and the players has been a constant theme for the Kings all season. Now, Karl will have some more time to try and iron out these issues -- something he hasn't been successful at since he became the team's head coach. But if he can, maybe the Kings will keep him until the end of the season, when they will likely reassess and decide in what direction they want to head in down the road. 

George Karl is still the coach of the Kings.
Surprise: George Karl is still the coach of the Kings. (USATSI)
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