Klay Thompson is a key part of why the Warriors are able to be the dominant force they are. Thompson is always capable of catching fire and helping the Dubs overwhelms their opponents with 3-pointers at any moment. In two years when Thompson's contract expires, the Warriors are going to be left with a tough decision. Do they eat more of the luxury tax and re-sign Thompson or do they let him walk and settle with the stars they currently have?

However, if Thompson were to take a discount that would make their decision making process far easier. Although we're still two years away, Thompson is already talking like he might be willing to take a discount for the Warriors. In a podcast with Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, the Warriors shooting guard addressed his future:

Kawakami: "Could you (take a discount?")

Klay Thompson: "I probably could, yeah. That much? I don't know. I don't make as much as Kevin off the court."


"If it's a few million ... It's a blessing whatever contract I sign. I would definitely consider it cause I don't want to lose anybody."

Thompson was talking about how Kevin Durant took a major discount over the summer. He wouldn't take the same kind of discount as Durant, but if it meant keeping the team together then he would definitely consider taking a discount. After all, winning championships is fun and what the Warriors have going at the moment is hard to pass up, which is why during the podcast he said he has no intentions of leaving Golden State.

However, his deal expires two years from now and a lot could change in that period of time -- whether a new superteam forms, or players just get tired of being around each other, or maybe someone in that core wants a new challenge. It's easy for players to say they're willing to take a discount early on, but when it comes time to start talking about money that's when things always get dicey. Thompson will make the best decision for him at that time and whether that involves more money, more wins, or both remains to be seen.