Knicks-Celtics: Jason Terry, Kenyon Martin fill up the bulletin board

Is the JET going to jet? (USATSI)
Is the JET going to jet? (USATSI)

Things could be heating up in the series between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics for Game 5.

After the Celtics used a big boost from Jason Terry in the overtime of Game 4 when facing a possible sweep at the hands of the Knicks, Terry is now treating everything like it's a "do or die" game. Considering they're one loss away from elimination, that's probably the right mentality to have. He's also not going to be shy about how his team needs to treat Game 5 in New York on Wednesday night. From the New York Daily News:

“I don’t care if Patrick Ewing comes back for them,” Terry said. “We’re going to treat it like a Game 7.”

Terry had a right to talk big. He made all three of his shots in overtime, including a pull-up 3-pointer off a 2-on-1 break that broke an 88-88 tie with 1:32 left and gave the Celtics the lead for good.

I feel like it would be better for the Celtics than the Knicks if 50-year-old Patrick Ewing started playing for New York again. He looked pretty rough in his days with the Seattle Supersonics and Orlando Magic, and that was more than a decade ago. Unless Terry is talking about time travel, in which he should probably trademark that before someone steals the technology and makes billions off of it. 

As for the Knicks, they don't seem to be thinking too highly of Terry and his thoughts. At least we know Kenyon Martin isn't believing that Terry can help the Celtics force a Game 6 in this series.

But his talk was also the talk of the Knicks’ post-game locker room.

“The guy was mouthing off before the game,” Kenyon Martin said. “He told me, ‘You’re not dancing at my funeral today.’’’

“We’re ending it Wednesday,” Martin said.

He even made it a point to tell teammates what to wear when the Knicks look to win this series in five, then get ready for the winner of Indiana-Atlanta. “Wear black,” he said. “Funeral colors.’’

That should fill up plenty of the real estate on the bulletin board and still leave plenty of room to write down the times of the players' exit interviews for the Celtics. That is assuming Martin does get to dance at the Celtics' 2012-13 season funeral on Wednesday night.

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