One of the few highlights from the Knicks' 123-111 loss to the Pelicans on Friday didn't even come from a player on either team. Instead, it was the result of a member of the Madison Square Garden crowd sinking a half-court shot to win the glorious prize of, wait for it, $1,000 worth of scratch-off tickets. Seriously. The reaction from those who found out about the paltry prize the organization that was last valued at $4 billion gave away can be best summed up by this tweet from Desus Nice.

But what did those scratch-offs end up becoming worth? That's the question Rob Perez of Action Network wanted answered when he tracked down the "lucky" fan, Anthony Peterson. In total, Peterson says the scratch-offs amounted to $500, and a fair amount of wrist pain for having to go through all the tickets. 

For what it's worth, he seems to be very proud of what he did, telling Perez he only felt "2% nervous" before his shot, which he immediately knew was going in. He even ended up getting even more rewarded for his shot thanks to YouTuber MrBeast, who pledged to give Peterson $10,000.

Of course the fame and extra cash still kind of pales in comparison to what fans at other arenas get for making the same exact shot. Case in point: A fan in Los Angeles got $100,000 for sinking one from half-court. Clearly, if you want to be properly compensated for winning an in-arena game, Staples Center is a better bet than the Mecca of basketball.