Knicks guard Raymond Felton says Knicks, not Nets, run New York

'No, see, it says New York all over the place here.' Felton seems to say.  (USATSI)
'No, see, it says New York all over the place here.' Felton seems to say. (USATSI)

Knicks point guard Raymond Felton weighed in with ESPN New York on who "runs New York" between the Knicks and the Nets, after Paul Pierce said the Nets will be the Kings of New York or whatever this season after adding himself and Kevin Garnett

I pretty much love this quote beyond words. It's so self-evident. 

"We're the New York team, it says so on the jersey right here," is the basic sentiment. I mean, how do you argue with that? It's not even about the actual question, which is moronic since you don't win anything for being the best team in the greater New York Metropolitan area. 

But answering "We literally have New York on our jerseys" is a pretty fantastic argument ender. 

The question of which team will finish with more wins and/or the division is still pretty fascinating, though. The Nets made better offseason improvements, but the Knicks have continuity and a successful 2013 campaign to build off of. The big winner is going to be the fans, as this thing has officially become a rivalry worth watching. 

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