Knicks' Jason Kidd out Wednesday vs. Milwaukee with back injury

The Knicks announced Tuesday that point guard Jason Kidd who missed Monday's 96-89 overtime loss at Brooklyn, will not travel with the team to Milwaukee for Wednesday's game vs. the Bucks. He's considered day-to-day, but apparently Wednesday is not that day. 

The Knicks sorely missed Kidd on Monday, as their ball movement and shooting slammed into the Brooklyn Bridge and ignited in a ball of failure. Ronnie Brewer, who dislocated a finger late in Monday's game, will play, however, and the Knicks are expected to inexplicably stick with the starting lineup from Monday featuring Brewer at the 2-guard and moving Carmelo Anthony to the 3 from the 4, where he has played (and thrived) all season. 

The fact that Kidd's not even traveling with the team isn't uncommon for veterans like him, but it's also not super-encouraging for the Knicks. That's a sign the team isn't even in a "Well, if he feels better, he could play" mode. He's just going to get some rest. Hopefully this won't become a consistent issue for the 39-year-old.

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