Knicks' J.R. Smith (fever) will play

Will this be J.R. Smith's flu game? (USATSI)
Will this be J.R. Smith's flu game? (USATSI)

New York Knicks' shooting guard J.R. Smith has had a rough postseason so far. In the seven games that he has played against the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers, Smith has 14.4 points per game on 14.7 shot attempts. He has only made 34.4 percent of his field goals, 30.0 percent of his 3-pointers and 67.7 percent of his free-throw attempts. He just hasn't been able to recapture any of the solid play that earned him the 2013 Sixth Man of the Year award.

If he's going to turn things around in Game 3 against the Pacers on Saturday night, he's going to have to channel a little Michael Jordan in order to get through the 102-degree temperature that he's running.

J.R. Smith is active and playing tonight, but it isn't known yet how much he'll be able to give New York.

This is bad news for the Knicks, who could really use a Game 3 victory in Indianapolis to regain home-court advantage and build some momentum to win the series. Smith was an integral part of their offense this season and utilized his ability to go on scoring runs while flanking Carmelo Anthony. Even with his struggles in the postseason, he has played much better in the Knicks' victories than in the losses.

In the Knicks' five wins this postseason, Smith has made 37.8 percent of his shot attempts. That's not good, but it's much better than the 24.1 percent that he's shooting in their losses. Hopefully for the Knicks, his fever can get down to a manageable level by the time the game tips off at 8 p.m. ET.

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