Knicks-Pacers Game 2: Melo, Smith struggle, but Pacers turn it over

Usually when this happens: 

(Note: Shooters include Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Pablo Prigioni, and Iman Shumpert.)

And when your opponent shoots 55 percent, you should be in pretty bad shape. Yet the Knicks led at the half by five. Why?

The Pacers turned the ball over 12 times in a slow-pace game in the first half of Game 2, and that contributed mightily to the failures. The Knicks sent aggressive doubles at the Pacers, and when the Pacers beat the trap, they scored. When they didn't, they turned the ball over. Simple as that. 

It's a bold strategy (Cotton), but it's paid off for New York so far. So the question is whether the Knicks can sustain that level of pressure, or if the Pacers slow down and start to execute.

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