Kobe Bryant auctioning off parent's copies of his championship rings

This thing is so ugly. So, so ugly. 

OK, so you remember when Kobe Bryant's mother was going to auction off a bunch of his high school stuff, and he had his lawyers file for a restraining order? OK, that lawsuit was settled, it's done

Well now, via the Orange County Register, there's word that he's put the items up for auction himself as part of the settlement. You can find his high school jerseys, a 2000 All-Star game ring, and some other memorabilia from when he was a youngster. 

Oh, and you can also find two of his 2000 Lakers championship rings. They're extras, not the originals. They're the ones he got extra ... for his parents. 

These were rings his parents had intended to sell, so you can't really blame the guy. Hey, if they don't want them, why not? Also, half the proceeds from the sale go toward a documentary about bullying

In related news, TMZ reports the rings have the words "Bling Bling" on them. I would also want to sell them, unless it was 2001 and I were Master P.

Bids for the rings as of Wednesday afternoon were up to just under $85,000 and just under $35,000 respectively.

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