Kobe Bryant is live-tweeting analysis of Spurs vs. Lakers Game 1

Kobe has words of encouragement; check your phones. (Getty Images)
Kobe has words of encouragement; check your phones. (Getty Images)

Even though Kobe Bryant can't help his Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, he's live-tweeting his thoughts and analysis. Bryant has never been one to mince words when it comes to anything, so we should get some pretty good tweets throughout this game.

We'll update with the best ones as he tweets more gems from his account:

In a game in which the Lakers badly needed a consistent perimeter presence to balance out the attack, I'd imagine this makes the Lakers' loss to the Spurs even more frustrating than just watching them lose a playoff game. Bryant knows exactly what the Lakers needed in this game; they needed Kobe Bryant on the floor. 

That's so weird because he's been defended by Steve Nash a lot during this game ... oh. 

Bryant is correct on his assessment but the execution of it all is pretty rough for the Lakers right now. You can't just run straight post-ups in the NBA anymore. The help defense is too good, thanks to the rules, and it leaves very little time or space to operate. The problem with what the Lakers have been doing during much of the fourth quarter is they have Metta World Peace at the top of the key when they're posting up Pau or Dwight.

This leaves the Spurs to dig down on the post-up without being afraid of Metta knocking down the jumper. If they put Steve Blake or Nash at the top of the key for the clearout post-up, we might see some better offensive possessions and results from the Lakers' post game at the end of this game.

This exchange between Bryant and one of his fans/followers makes me think the NBA is so forward-thinking when it comes to social media and online rights for letting highlights be posted on YouTube (as long as it isn't a fight or altercation) that it would be a pretty big mistake for them to keep stuff like this from happening. Getting in-game commentary from an injured player on the team is another cool way to get fans connected to what's happening on the court.

Obviously, this has to be presented within reason. You can't have them bashing the referees (per league policy) and they have to be respectful about the way they address their commentary, but this is quite enjoyable to get real analysis from a member of the team. 

Bryant may have a point here regarding how the Lakers need to attack the Spurs. Outside of Steve Blake continuing his play from the perimeter or Steve Nash remembering how to be an impact player from the perimeter, the Lakers probably have to win this game by pounding the ball inside, using their size advantage, and trying to get the Spurs into foul trouble.

Take a look at their shot chart from the first half:

All of their success is coming from the inside. They can run the big man two-man game with Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard, go after Tiago Splitter with Gasol or Howard, and continue to try to dominate the paint. Coach Kobe is all over this right now.

Without an elite perimeter scorer to freelance on offense, it looks like Bryant wants the Lakers to maximize his teammates' talents. I agree with Kobe here

Good to know Bryant is a fan of Matt Bonner and his similar nickname. I wonder if he agrees with Bonner on the topic of sandwiches

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