Kobe Bryant says it could be 'weeks' not 'days' before he returns

We're still a good chunk of time from seeing Kobe on the court. (USATSI)
We're still a good chunk of time from seeing Kobe Bryant on the court. (USATSI)

If you were hoping to see Kobe Bryant back on the court for the Los Angeles Lakers soon, you might have to wait weeks instead of days for his return.

The Lakers are currently on a three-game road trip over the course of four days before they return home on Dec. 1 to face the Portland Trail Blazers. Bryant isn't expected to play at all on this trip and during his press conference in Washington, D.C. to discuss his new contract extension, Kobe informed the media that he needs his explosiveness back before he plays. That could take weeks and not days.

If we're talking multiple weeks, as in two, that might put Bryant back on the court around the two home games on Dec. 8 and 10, when they face the Raptors and Suns at Staples Center. It's expected he'll be back for the Christmas Day showdown with LeBron James and the Miami Heat, but he'd probably like to get a few reps in on the court before he undertakes that task.

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