Kobe Bryant sits out Thursday practice with Achilles soreness

Bryant needed a bit of rest because of soreness but that's to be expected. (USATSI)
Kobe Bryant needed a bit of rest because of soreness but that's to be expected. (USATSI)

The return of Kobe Bryant could be any day now. The Los Angeles Lakers star returned to practice this week with full medical clearance to resume basketball activities and drew rave reviews from teammates and media members that observed his practice. While Mike D'Antoni has said it would be really hard for Bryant to return to action by Friday's nationally televised game against the Golden State Warriors, he'll be back on the court relatively soon for a team in desperate need of his expertise.

Despite the progress he's made by returning to practice this week, Kobe still felt soreness in his Achilles' tendon and ended up sitting out practice on Thursday. After two days of practicing, he needed to pull back a little bit and listen to his bod.y 

I don't even know if you'd call this a setback. It's just the return process from such a major injury. Bryant was able to give a couple of good days of work and even if he misses the game Friday night, he has another home game available to him on Sunday when the Sacramento Kings come into town. Regardless, the Black Mamba should be the "Back" Mamba pretty soon.

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