Kobe Bryant would like Lakers' fans to have amnesia about season

Kobe would love for this season to be completely forgotten. (USATSI)
Kobe Bryant would love for this season to be completely forgotten. (USATSI)

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By now, we all know the carnage involved with the Los Angeles Lakers' season. The 2013-14 campaign was the worst season in the Los Angeles era for the Lakers' franchise by three games, and we saw them trotting out lineups with players most casual fans didn't even know existed. The injuries crushed an already fragile roster, and we never even got to see Kobe Bryant return to form in the process.

Shortly after returning from an Achilles' injury, Bryant's season ended at six games. It's something that contributed to how bad the Lakers ultimately looked and something he'd like to wash away from memory to start new next season. He tweeted this out to Lakers' fans:

He obviously can't promise that next season will be the same but it will be interesting to see just how different it is. If the Lakers are looking to add weapons right away, then he could be correct. If the Lakers are biding their time until 2015 free agency, then "epic" will probably end up describing just how bad they are in back-to-back seasons.

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