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A 14k gold and diamond ring that Kobe Bryant gave to his mother, Pamela, as a gift more than 20 years ago has been sold. The ring was part of a recent event through Goldin Auctions and went for a whopping $206,080.

TMZ Sports previously reported that Bryant bought two identical rings to commemorate his first NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1999-2000 season. Pamela Bryant attempted to sell the rings, along with some additional Kobe memorabilia, back in 2013. However, Kobe sued in an attempt to stop the sale of the memorabilia. 

Kobe's parents, Pamela and Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, were ultimately allowed to sell six of the items, including the two rings -- which are the same ones every player and coach on the team received after beating the Pacers in the finals. The items were sold to a private collector for a grand total of $280,000 in 2013.

The private collector ended up going to Goldin Auctions to estimate the value of the ring and ultimately decided to sell. The bidding began at $15,000 and 20 bids were placed on it.

Joe Bryant's ring is expected to be auctioned off soon and could earn a similar price tag. As should come as no surprise, Kobe memorabilia has been very popular on auction sites in the months following his tragic January death.