Kobe on Dellavedova: 'You want to see players playing with that passion'

Matthew Dellavedova has become a househould name thanks to his hustle and intense play in the NBA Finals. He was huge defensively in Game 2 against Stephen Curry and then scored 20 points in Game 3. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a 2-1 series lead against the Golden State Warriors thanks in large part to LeBron James but also because of Dellavedova. Even Kobe Bryant is impressed with Dellavedova.

Speaking with Sina Sports after Game 3, Bryant gave a big grin when asked about Dellavedova and said, "Dellavedova, listen he's coming in and playing extremely well. He's playing physical and he's playing hard. I mean, there's a ball there at the end that was rolling around and he dove on the ball. Which tells you how much he wants it. You want to see players playing with that sort of desperation, playing with that passion. Because then you see that this game means everything to them. If it means more to you then it does to the other guy then you have a better chance at winning."

You can understand why Bryant is such a fan of Dellavedova. He plays with a similar passion that Dellavedova displays, albeit with vastly better game overall. Like Bryant Dellavedova leaves everything out on the court as evidenced by the fact that he played himself to exhaustion in Game 3.  

Everything seems to be working in Dellavedova's favor these days. His hometown is renaming an arena after him and now Bryant with commending his play. What a week for an undrafted guard from Australia. 

Delly is making a name for himself in the Finals.
Dellavedova is making a name for himself in the Finals. (USATSI)
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