So, you may have heard that Kyrie Irving has some ... well, he has some thoughts. Let's just go ahead and call them interesting. 

And thus, it should not surprise anyone in the slightest that his appearance on J.J. Redick's podcast -- which included a lengthy discussion about conspiracy theories -- did not disappoint. 

Irving had a lot to say as he delved further into flat Earth talk, the Taco Bell illuminati commercial and spiritual alchemy. It seems unlikely that dissecting his quotes is going to lead to much other than confusion, so instead we'll just lay it all out there and let you, the reader, come to your own conclusions. 

First of all, Redick is so good at doing this podcast, and deciding to just jump straight into conspiracy theory stuff was a great way to open, so props to him for that. But anyway.

Irving opened by explaining that the flat Earth argument came from a bunch of "research" he had been doing on Instagram, which, as we all know is the No. 1 place for doing research. 

He then compared Instagram to the History Channel, but noted that it's different because you'll get information about chemtrails and other things you won't hear about. 

Then, following a tangent in which Redick explained that he's not convinced dinosaurs were real -- no seriously, that happened -- Irving once again reiterated that he wasn't trying to convince everyone that the Earth is flat, and had to be cut off by Redick before he went too far down a 9/11 conspiracy theory rabbit hole. 

All of those comments, though, were just a warm-up for his true masterpiece: a long rant that tied together spiritual alchemy, your third eye, Nikola Tesla and Jim Carrey, and was spurred on by Taco Bell's illuminati commercial. 

Irving: They always say, 'truth is in plain sight,' purposely though. Have you seen the new Taco Bell commercial?

Redick: Yeah, they're taunting us. The illuminati are taunting us

Irving: The thing about it is, people are taught and controlled to be afraid of that. Like not knowing what the all-seeing eye actually means and where it comes from historically. But yet, it's given to people to be scared of. And who knows? I don't want to dive deep into it. But, it's part of my life. I've been seeing the all-seeing eye for about six months now, like all the time now. People have just naturally been afraid of it. They don't know what it means.

Redick: What does it mean?

Irving: Well ... man. Ah man.

Redick: We've already started down this road.

Irving: Yeah no, we already have. For me, spiritually alchemy is something that I'm huge in. I don't even wanna say huge in, something that I'm just so much more aware of. And the seven chakras, they said we have eight. And the third eye being in the middle of your forehead, and awakening that. And I felt like ever since I took meditation to another level and figuring out the research behind that, and figuring out how knowledgable I can become, and just being enriched in that, enriched in my soul, rather than realizing that this physical realm that I live in and I exist in is the only thing that's available to me, you know. And it connected me more to Nikola Tesla, and then I started taking, you know, just specific individuals throughout history that have been telling us things that just either they perish before their time or they were supposedly taken out or something that they said was just so thought-provoking that it just -- they went from a genius to being a crazy person. And then like, society just Xs them, like no, we don't want to believe anything you say anymore and you're a crazy man.

Like, did you see what Jim Carrey did? Like Jim Carrey came out of nowhere, and was just like, 'I was in solitude,' and just like, I'm it now. And you know, like, 'okay Jim.' But people were like, 'yo, what's going on with Jim Carrey?' And then... I'm just saying, though, he came out of nowhere with it, and it made sense though. But for everyone else, they were like, 'I'm not Jim Carrey.'

And there you have it.