Kyrie will never reveal reason for leaving Cavs: 'That's not what real grown-ups do'

When Kyrie Irving demanded requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers this past June following a third straight trip to the NBA Finals, needless to say it took most fans by surprise. In the following days rumors swirled that Kyrie was unhappy playing second fiddle to LeBron James, and wanted a fresh start with a team that was built around him.

Now a member of the Boston Celtics, Irving has never actually revealed his reasons for requesting the trade, and it appears he never will. He spoke with the media before Tuesday's season-opener against his former team, and was asked once again about why he wanted out of Cleveland.

"Going forward, I kind of want to put that to rest," Irving said. "Everyone's figuring out or trying to figure out or dive in or continue to dive into a narrative that they have no idea about. And that probably will never ever be divulged because it's not important. This was literally just a decision I wanted to make, solely based on my happiness and pushing my career forward.

"I don't want to pinpoint anything, I will never pinpoint anything, because that's not what real grown-ups do. They continue to move on with their life and continue to progress. And that's what I'm gonna continue to do."

Well, so much for that. Irving made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in talking about his sudden departure from Cleveland, and you can't really blame him with the regular season underway.

He has the more important task of learning how to work with new teammates in an effort to lead the Celtics back to the No. 1 seed in the East, and to another potential matchup with LeBron and the Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals.

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