Lakers deny Rex Chapman tweet that Calipari will coach the Lakers

John Calipari to the Lakers?  (USATSI)
John Calipari to the Lakers? (USATSI)

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Update 9:36 p.m.: The Lakers acted fast to refute the rumor. 

Former Kentucky Wildcat and NBA veteran Rex Chapman tweeted Monday before the Wildcats faced UConn in the national championship game that Coach John Calipari is headed to LA... to coach the Los Angeles Lakers

I mean, Chapman is connected to the Kentucky program. And Mike D'Antoni has reportedly been on the hot seat with reports indicating that Kobe Bryant is not keen on him returning next season. And Calipari has long been linked with interest to various NBA coaching jobs. 

But this seems a little weird, particularly the timing of it. Is Rex Chapman really that plugged into the situation?

If it is true, the big question is what Kobe Bryant would think of it. Is he on board with a coach whose first run in the pros with the Nets didn't end well, especially the part where his tream drafted Kerry Kittles over Bryant? (Calipari has maintained he was forced into that decision.)

It would be a bold move for a franchise looking to revive itself faced with serious challenges in returning to contender status. We'll see what happens after the national championship game. 

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