Lakers didn't actually paint Beverly Hills Hotel in Dwight Howard jersey

So remember how we told you the other day about the Lakers' efforts to woo Dwight Howard with billboards saying "Stay" and using the hashtag "#stayD12?" Well, on Friday, the Lakers' Twitter account posted this photo of the famous Beverly Hills Hotel painted in Howard's jersey.

So that's cool, right? Spare no expense to keep the big guy, no matter how degrading it might be! If you're going to beg, beg all the way!

But, well, um, awkward. Turns out this didn't actually, you know, happen. A writer for the Los Angeles Times went down to see the hotel, and, well...not so much

So that's... something... we guess.

I mean, is it more pathetic to actually pay to paint the Bevery Hills Hotel into a giant plea for Howard to re-sign with the Lakers next month, or to say that you're doing that when in reality you just photoshopped it on there? 

All teams pull stunts to keep their free agents, the Lakers' team is just trying to get creative with its efforts... but it doesn't come off very "Los Angeles Lakers'-y. They're supposed to be above stunts like this. 

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