Lakers' Dwight Howard can't wait to go against David Lee again

This play in Monday's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors left Dwight Howard bloody and quite perturbed at David Lee

During the first half of the game, Klay Thompson drove to the basket, was cut off by Howard, and found Lee cutting to the basket. Lee received the pass from Thompson and jumped straight into Howard to create contact for the foul. The Warriors' big man had his elbow out when he went up for the shot and caught Howard right in the mouth, bloodying his gums.

Was this play an accidental elbow by Lee? Was he gunning for Howard on the play and trying to take his head off? There seemed to be differing opinions last night from both parties after the game. 

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports quoted Lee, who said the elbow was unintentional.

Lee later told Howard that the play was unintentional.

"I was just trying to go up and finish against a shot block," Lee said.

That seems like a reasonable explanation, but I'm also not the one who caught an elbow in the teeth. Howard is the one that took the brunt of that blow and he seems to not only believe it was an intentional elbow, but that it's also something worthy of vengeance.

Also from Spears:

"He got away with a shot," Howard said. "I will remember this game. I will remember that shot. He said he wasn't trying to do it. You can look at the play and see it for yourself. I will take care of it later."

I looked at the replay and saw for myself; it doesn't look intentional to me. It really just looks reckless at best, which can also be something that draws the ire of any player who ends up the victim of an elbow. It's understandable for Howard to be upset, but it's not very smart to start calling your shot the next time you two meet up.

The Lakers play the Warriors again on April 12, so now we'll have to wait and see how Howard plans on getting his revenge. Will he have Lee interview him and just mimic him in a mocking tone? Will he do an impersonation of Lee in front of TV cameras? Will he try to get Lee fired from the Orlando coaching job?

Tune in to find out. 

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