Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson does not agree with Detroit Lions lineman Larry Warford about Pokemon Go. Warford said this week that he deleted the extremely popular game from his phone because he saw a bunch of people playing it on the street and decided that it had to be "mind-control stuff." Clarkson, however, can't get enough of it.

In an interview with Hypebeast's Christopher Cason, Clarkson brought up Pokemon Go unprompted and said that people aren't expecting to see him walking around a park, staring at his phone and capturing virtual monsters:

During the course of a long NBA season, what new apps or things are you doing to help you get away from the grind of the season?

During the season, I'm not really on too many other things -- I'm just focused on basketball. But I'm a big lover of music and I watch a lot of movies. Right now though, I'm on that Pokémon GO (laughs).

Wow, you got caught up on Pokémon too?

Yeah man. So you can catch me in my neighborhood out looking for Pokémon.

What kind of reactions do you get when someone sees you out and about hunting for Pokémon?

A lot of people give me a double take to see if it's really me and if I'm actually playing Pokémon (laughs). It's crazy because I'm a 6'5″ guy on the Lakers and I'm in a random park looking for Pokémon. It's been really funny seeing the reactions from people.

Jordan Clarkson points
Jordan Clarkson is presumably pointing at a Pokemon. USATSI

Clarkson also talked about his fashion sense, playing in the Drew League this summer and expanding his offensive game for next year. But the big news here is that he's obsessed with Pokemon Go. I wonder what his former teammate, Kobe Bryant, would have to say about that.

Obviously, Clarkson is far from the only athlete caught up in the Pokemon hype. Rudy Gobert played it from his courtside seat at summer league in Las Vegas. Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura mistakenly racked up nearly $5,000 worth of roaming charges by playing it in Rio de Janeiro, though the gold medalist was able to negotiate it down to $30 per day. Johnny Manziel reportedly found a Pidgeotto at a pre-ESPYs party at a club in Los Angeles. The mind control is apparently working.