Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been in the NBA since 2003. He has played for three different franchises and during the course of his lengthy playing career, he has won championships, lost championships and won gold medals. He has experienced a league lockout, and played under a couple of commissioners. In other words, James has pretty much seen it all when it comes to life in the league. However, even James hasn't experienced anything like playing inside of a "bubble" during a global pandemic -- a situation that James referred to as a "learning experience" while speaking with media members this week. 

"It's a totally different situation than any other situation I've been in in my career," James said, via Sky Sports. "So I have zero experience with having the No. 1 seed inside of a bubble during seeding games, playing in August. So this is all a learning experience for all of us, and we're going to take it day by day, continue to work our habits either out on the floor, during the film session, when we able to get on the floor as well. But this is a totally different season, a totally different, drastic situation for all of us, including myself." 

One of the hardest parts of bubble life, for James at least, has been being apart from his family while inside the bubble in Orlando. 

"I miss the hell out of my family," James said earlier this week. "My wife, my kids, my mother, and so on, and so on. So, it's a huge challenge."  

With his Lakers poised to make a deep postseason run, James could end up being inside the Disney bubble through October. The good news for James, though, is that the league plans to allow a limited number of family members to join players in Orlando after the first round of the playoffs is in the books, so James could get some company at that point, assuming the Lakers are still in the postseason picture then. While adapting to life inside the bubble has been an adjustment for James, he appreciates the platform it has provided for players to continue to speak out on social justice issues that are important to them. 

"It's given us the opportunity to every single day speak about, feel passionate about, whatever is going on in your personal life, whatever is going on in society and us trying to make a change," James said. "It's being dynamic and being heard."  

Without fans or travel, the postseason will be different -- and extremely unique -- this season. However, James has become a master of blocking out distractions and concentrating completely on the court over the course of his career. This trait will likely be a big boon for the Lakers, who have already clinched the top overall seed in the West.