Just over a minute into the Lakers' lone trip to Barclays Center to take on the Nets this season, LeBron James tried to get things off to an electrifying start. Taking a pass from Lonzo Ball, he careened down the lane, and went up for one of his patented powerful jams. 

Only, the ball didn't go in. It was an electrifying play alright, but that was because Nets big man Jarrett Allen rose right along with LeBron and stuffed "The King's" dunk attempt. It was an incredible play from Allen, and completely clean, as he got all ball. 

This block was so good, it's actually worth viewing the still picture as well. 

Allen says no.  USATSI

As it turns out, it was also an extremely rare play. According to ESPN Stats and Information, this was only the ninth time in LeBron's career that he's had a dunk attempt blocked. Sixteen seasons, 1,850 dunk attempts, and now only nine blocks. 

It was already an incredible play by Allen, and would have been no matter who was attempting the slam. But that stat just puts into perspective how amazing it was that he got that block. 

To make it even sweeter for Allen, his play helped the Nets get the 115-110 win -- their sixth in a row. Allen finished with six points, eight rebounds and two blocks -- one of which we won't soon forget.