Lakers' Pau Gasol has plantar fasciitis, is probable Friday

Pau Gasol's plantar fasciitis adds to his discomfort. (Getty Images)

Add another injury to Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol's issues right now. According to Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register, Gasol has plantar fasciiitis and isn't a guarantee to play Friday.

Gasol has been battling tendinitis in both knees this season and it caused him to miss eight consecutive games at one point during December. He's also been battling Mike D'Antoni and his system that was implemented after Mike Brown was fired five games into the season.

So far during the 2012-13 season, Gasol has career lows in points per game, field-goal percentage, free-throw attempts per game, PER, true shooting percentage, win shares per 48 minutes, and usage rate. It's not just that the Lakers aren't using him as much as they used to; he's been really bad when they do.

The main issue he's had stylistically in D'Antoni's system is finding a way to fit in next to Dwight Howard. With both of them on the court together, the Lakers have averaged a point differential per 36 minutes of -0.2, according to With Gasol on the court and Howard on the bench, that number jumps up to a positive 12.8 per 36 minutes.

Knowing he has plantar fasciitis explains some of his struggles. He doesn't move well right now and with tendinitis and plantar fasciitis at the same time, it's amazing he has much movement at all. At the same time, his decision-making isn't exactly making up for his injuries when he's on the court with Howard. The Lakers still have to find a way to get him to buy into playing alongside Howard within the concepts of the coach's system.

But first he has to get back to being healthy and the only way to truly get over plantar fasciitis is with treatment and rest.

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