Lakers' Showtime-themed 'City Edition' jerseys get leaked, and the results are not pretty

Designing Lakers jerseys shouldn't be the hardest job in the world. It's a timeless, iconic look. Adding creative touches is fine, but don't go wild with it, and keep the spirit of the team. So far, Nike has done a great job with the team's redesign since LeBron James joined over the summer, hearkening back to the Showtime era heading into a season with arguably the highest expectations since 2012.

However, The Ringer shared leaked images of the new Showtime-inspired City threads, and it ... doesn't look good. The jerseys are purple with black pinstripes with black lettering, a yellow outline and, well, see for yourself.

City jerseys are usually a little wacky and artistic in some way, so if these were just called the City alternates that would be one thing. The "Black Mamba" pattern the Lakers wore last season which Kobe Bryant helped design, for example, was decidedly un-Laker-like, but it was different. But calling these new unis Showtime-inspired? In what world is that true? The Showtime jerseys were sleek. These look like something that would come out of the gritty 1990s.

The response has been mostly negative, as you'd expect.

A lot of the people talking trash will probably go and cop one of these jerseys anyways, but that's the nature of the beast. It's like the Lakers were happy with their Statement, Icon and Association looks and just went, "Oh no, we need another alternate." All fans can hope for now is that these don't see the floor too often.

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