A few weeks back, the Golden State Warriors made history by signing the most lucrative NBA jersey ad deal ever, getting nearly $20 million per year to partner with Japanese tech firm Rakuten. 

Now, another of the NBA's big wigs has entered the jersey patch advertisement game. The Los Angeles Lakers have signed a deal with Wish, a San Francisco-based e-commerce company, for a cool $12 million to $14M per year. Via Sports Business Daily:

The Lakers have signed a jersey patch deal with S.F.-based e-commerce company Wish. The three-year agreement, according to a source, is between $12-14M annually, putting it on the top tier of NBA jersey patch deals.

Here's how the patch will look on the Lakers' various jerseys. 

It's a pretty slick looking design, with the loose flowing Wish font blending in nicely opposite the Nike logo. Plus, if you glance quickly at it the tail at the front of the "W" almost makes it seem like it says "swish," which is pretty fitting for a basketball jersey. 

As was the case with the Warriors' deal with Rakuten, the Lakers' partnership with Wish reportedly also includes sponsorships to other things associated with the franchise, such as the practice facility.