Lakers unveil 'Hollywood Nights' alternate jersey

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The Lakers unveiled their new alternate uniforms.  (USATSI)

It's custom to wear black to a funeral. And with the way this Lakers' season is looking, well, I think you can see where I'm going with this. 

But here are the new "Hollywood Nights" alternate uniforms from the Lakers. Nothing all that over the top other than just being black with the standard Lakers logo and purple and gold with it. 

Still, they look pretty cool. Black uniforms have a tendency to look cool. Here's what the team says in their press release about the unis:

The Lakers have a long history and philosophy of listening to fans, and as a public trust are in the business of serving fan interest, from colors of uniforms up to the ultimate goal of winning championships. The purple and gold uniforms will forever be the staple for the Lakers, with the black ones adding what the Lakers hope to be a cool alternative.

The "Hollywood Nights" theme is meant to be a nod to the celebrities -- like Jack Nicholson, who is mentioned in the release -- and the general glitz and glamour surrounding the team. 

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