Lamar Odom will not get share of Mavericks playoff money

NBA players are alloted extra money for a team's playoff appearance. In instances where a player was injured, traded or left, the players vote on whether or not that player receives a share of the team's playoff money.

ESPN reports that the Mavericks have voted not to give Lamar Odom a share of their playoff money, reportedly worth $14,000.

Odom was dismissed from the team following a locker-room conversation at halftime with Mark Cuban on April 7. He has since returned to Los Angeles for work on his reality television show with wife Khloe Kardashian, but there are plans to terminate the show as well
Odom dealt with several personal problems over the past year including the death of his cousin and the death of a pedestrian who was hit by his personal driver last summer on the way to the funeral for his cousin. Odom never seemed mentally or emotionally engaged on the court since being traded to Dallas after a Lakers trade for Chris Paul that would have involved him fell through.

But despite those personal problems, a serious debate has continued with regards to Odom and whether he played with professionalism even given his circumstances. Whatever the case, Odom's time with the Mavericks is over. The've elected not to include him as part of the team in their playoff earnings, they're moving on, and so is he.

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