It hasn't even been 24 hours since LaVar and Lonzo Ball released the first Big Baller Brand exclusive sneaker, the ZO2, but there has already been plenty of controversy. Initially, it was over the $495 price tage for the most basic version of the shoe, hundreds of dollars more than most basketball shoes. 

Now, however, the Ball family is being accused of stealing the logo for the ZO2, which is featured prominently on the back heel of the shoe.

Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith is claiming the design for the logo was lifted from his own "Zone 6" logo. Here, you can see the two logos side-by-side, and they do look pretty similar.

Smith himself called it "#Robbery," and has changed his Twitter profile picture to a photo of a Twitter moment detailing the controversy over the similar logos. He has even gone so far as to put "designer of Lorenzo Ball's logo" in his Twitter bio

Suffice it to say, Smith was not happy with the alleged theft. 

Though Smith designed his logo, he did not actually come up with Zone 6 himself, as that term was coined by a Ohio State wide receiver named Dontre WilsonVia

But the confidence came before the stats. Zone 6, Smith said, was coined by sophomore receiver Dontre Wilson in the spring. It's named for the end zone, where the receivers want to pick up six points. Spencer said Smith designed the stickers that the receivers have worn on their shoes all season and started adding to their warmups before the Michigan State game.

There is certainly a bit of irony here, as a collegiate football coach, who makes good money off the efforts of unpaid student-athletes, is now complaining about being ripped off. Part of LaVar Ball's point with the Big Baller Brand and his decisions regarding his sons is to expose the hypocrisy of the NCAA. 

"This is what they say: 'LaVar is exploiting his kids.' What the hell do you think UCLA is doing?" Ball said earlier this year during an ESPN interview.

While the logos do look similar, I'm not ready to believe Ball straight up took the ZO2 logo from Smith. I had certainly never heard of "Zone 6" before now, and I would imagine most people outside of Columbus, Ohio, are in the same boat. 

Regardless, it's hard to imagine much happening here other than more badgering of LaVar Ball over social media. But as he has shown over the past several months, that's not going to affect him. He's still going to keep doing what he's doing. 

(h/t For The Win)