The NBA's longest-running offseason feud has a new chapter, as LaVar Ball has responded to the news of Joel Embiid being fined $10K for saying "f--- LaVar Ball" in a social media video. 

Embiid did not regret the comments, saying a few days afterward, "I think most people have been wanting to say that. I guess I was the guy to say that and I'm glad I said it."

Out in Las Vegas on Saturday, ahead of his son Lonzo's game in the Summer League quarterfinals against the Brooklyn Nets, LaVar commented on the fine, saying Embiid's "vocabular is limited.' 

LaVar Ball responds to Joel Embiid's fine for saying "F--- LaVar Ball."

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"He get fined every time he say a cuss word. Like I said, his vocabulary is limited. I bet you he can't say 'F you' more than I can say it to him. Cause his a-- would be broke. When you working for somebody, shut your mouth."

So, uh, are these two just going to keep this feud running all summer long, or what? I mean, I'm here for LaVar feuding with other players because it can be pretty funny, but this storyline has run its course. We need a new angle here, it can't just keep being LaVar and Embiid going back and forth about the other's previous comments.