LaVar Ball helped design and overprice his son Lonzo Ball's first shoe at an absurd price of $495. The shoe lacked any kind of deal with a major company such as Under Armour, Adidas, or Nike which most likely helped raise the price to the insane amount it cost.

However, Ball maintains the shoe is symbolic and will grow in value over time. Likely basing it off a successful career for his son Lonzo. Except he said one really odd thing about shoes in general when describing how shoes are made during an episode of "Sneaker Shopping" with Complex's Joe La Puma. He said they're nothing more than stitching and glue.

"Everything on that shoe, Lonzo created with no team. Just the creativity of a 19-year-old that knows what he likes. After all these shoes, it's a mixture of everything that he likes … A shoe is not that big of a deal. It's two things, stitching and glue. It isn't a science project."  

It's weird to say that shoes aren't anything special to only then turn around and defend a $495 product, but that's just the way Ball runs his product. Expensively priced goods highly dependent on Lonzo Ball having a successful NBA career.