Only one of LaVar Ball's three sons has played a minute of college basketball, but he's already projecting the trio will form a superteam with the Los Angeles Lakers when they turn professional.

In an interview with ESPN, Ball predicted that LiAngelo, an incoming freshman at UCLA, and LaMelo, a Class of 2019 UCLA commit, will both team up with Lonzo in L.A. down the road after spending a season with the Bruins to wreak havoc in the NBA as they did in high school. 

"We get three of the Ball boys on the Lakers together, and we gonna go championship, championship, championship, championship, championship," LaVar Ball said. "You think I'm playing? You saw what they did in high school."

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft, which is set to take place on June 22. Many draft experts project Lonzo will land with the Lakers, although recent reports suggest the team isn't sold on him just yet.

LiAngelo is a lesser-heralded shooting guard while LaMelo, a 6-foot-3 point guard, has blossomed into one of the top prospects in the country.

"All my boys are gonna be one-and-done," LaVar Ball predicted. "Gelo [LiAngelo] is going [to] be one-and-done whether he's good or bad. I'm going to put him in the draft, hope they don't take him. Bring him into the Lakers as a free agent, let him wind up with his brother and watch how good they play together."