When LaVar Ball joined 92.3 The Fan’s “Bull & Fox” on Monday, the first thing he said was that he regrets none of his previous public comments. Some context: This is the man who claimed he could have killed Michael Jordan one-on-one and said on many occasions that his son Lonzo Ball is better than both Stephen Curry and LeBron James. He also took a needless shot at James’ kids, which caused James to tell him to pipe down.   

“No regrets,” Ball said. “Whatever I say, I never regret it because I think about it before I say it.”

Ball rejected the notion that he was saying any of these things to get attention and get people riled up.

“Here’s the thing,” Ball said. “I say exactly what I feel. If it gets a rise out of ‘em, fine; if it don’t, fine. It’s just me. It’s my opinion. I’ll leave it at that.”

Ball then claimed he had “a lot of people” who think Lonzo is better than Curry. Later in the interview, he reiterated that he could have taken Jordan down. The interview got pretty contentious. 

“I don’t think I can beat him,” Ball said. “I know I can beat him one-on-one. I was 270 pounds back then, jumping out of the gym, benching 500 pounds. He’s too small. If the game was played one-on-one, I’d be the champion of the world. I just told y’all that.”

Eventually, of course, James’ name came up. Despite the fact that he had angered James, Ball didn’t feel a need to defend himself or walk his comments back. 

“Who cares about LeBron James?” Ball said. “I don’t care about LeBron.”

He was then asked if he cares about anybody but himself.

“I care about my family,” Ball said. “I care about my family.” 

Ball said he’d “been like this for 50 years” and would not change, even if his sons wanted him to stop talking about them like this. It appears that the only way to keep his outrageous statements out of the headlines, then, would be to stop giving him platforms from which to shout them.