LeBron comes to Kyrie Irving's defense: 'If he decides the Earth is flat, that's OK'

People do strange things for family.

Kyrie Irving has turned NBA All-Star Weekend into a bad episode of “The X-Files” by suggesting that the Earth is flat and there’s a vast conspiracy to (for unknown reasons) convince us that it’s actually round.

He’s taken a good amount of heat for the comments but continues to stick by his assertion: the Earth is flat.

Various NBA figures have reacted to the comments, with commissioner Adam Silver suggesting Irving is trying to make a larger point about the prominence of “fake news” in the world today. Warriors forward Draymond Green said he needed to do more research, but might be persuaded to side with Irving.

LeBron James was quick to support his teammate as well. According to Bleacher Report’s Dave Schilling, LeBron played the family card and stuck by his point guard.

“Kyrie is my little brother,” James said. “If he decides the Earth is flat, that’s OK.”

Not exactly sound logic, but understandable. Without Kyrie there’s no way LeBron would have been able to fulfill his destiny and bring a championship to Cleveland, so he’s probably willing to support anything that his “little brother” says -- as long as he doesn’t say, “I want to be traded.”

James, Irving and the rest of the All-Stars will put on a show Sunday night in New Orleans, and people from around the world -- flat or round -- will be tuning in.

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