LeBron, Kanter continuing to beef after Knicks loss: 'Nobody is going to punk us'

LeBron James and Enes Kanter got into it during the Cavaliers' 104-101 comeback victory against the Knicks. James bumped into rookie point guard Frank Ntilkina and the youngster took exception to that with a slight shove. Kanter rushed over and got into James' face about the whole situation.

This has been a growing beef ever since James said the Knicks messed up by not taking Dennis Smith Jr. in the draft instead of Ntilkina . Kanter responded to his comments on Twitter in an effort to stand up for his teammate.

James responded to Kanter, and anybody else who took his compliment of Smith as criticism, during shootaround before the game. He specifically mentioned Kanter by name as someone who always has something to say.

Following the loss, Kanter was asked about James and he didn't hold back on how he feels about him.

Kanter has never been afraid to take someone on in a war of words. He'll always put his team first and stick up for a teammate no matter the situation. His comments, however, didn't seem to bother James that much. 

"Well I'm the King, my wife is the queen and my daughter is the princess, so we've got all three covered."

James moved on from the topic quickly, but it's clear there's some definite beef here on at least Kanter's side. James had yet another big game in Madison Square Garden, a place he always seems to show up for, and an early season rivalry appears to be brewing.

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