LeBron James' 17 assists without a turnover in victory over Raptors sets an NBA record

There have been a lot of great passers in NBA history, but not many with the ability of LeBron James. For someone known for his powerful athleticism and strength, James has always had a great touch and vision to his passing. It might be the most under-appreciated aspect of his game. 

And James put on a passing clinic Wednesday. In the Cavaliers' 132-129 victory over the Raptors, James had a great performance with 35 points, 17 assists and seven rebounds. This would be a great stat line for James even without one historic aspect. Those 17 assists came without a single turnover. That's an NBA record.

This is yet another accolade in James' incredibly accomplished career. It's amazing that he can still play at such a high level with all the minutes on his legs, but it's maybe even more impressive that he keeps finding ways to top himself. 

As James' career continues he somehow keeps becoming an even better passer. His vision gets better. His understanding of passing lanes improves. if he plays to 40 he might be able to drop pin-point passes on full court lobs. Isn't someone's vision supposed to get worse with age?

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