LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had dinner in Vegas Monday so...

'Do you think I should get the asparagus? It sounds good!' (USATSI)
'Do you think I should get the asparagus? It sounds good!' (USATSI)

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It all started with a tweet. Yahoo Sports first reported that free agents LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had dinner in Las Vegas Monday night. 

Welcome to 2014, folks! Just to recap:

A Miami radio station did a "LeBronathon."

People are tracking Dan Gilbert's plane, which prompted him to remove public tracking of it. 

People are stalking Pau Gasol as he eats: 

And now James and Wade being spotted out with their wives is a thing. How do I feel about this? 

As a reminder, LeBron is literally the worst steak-eater in the entire universe

It does seem weird if James is leaving Miami, right? "Hey buddy, good to see you. Listen, I'm going to effectvely destroy your chance of title contention for the remainder of your career. Drinks on me!" That doesn't sound right, does it? Doesn't sound right. 

Also, good sign for Heat fans that Wade's trying to eat right. Getting in good condition and changing his diet habits as a lot of stars have done after age 30 is going to be key for his careeer. 

And hey, probably less controversy over this Vegas trip than the one in 2010

In reality, James is in Vegas weighing his decision while he attends his annual basketball camp. 

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