LeBron James posted 32 points and 13 rebounds on 12-for-20 shooting, including 6 for 8 from three, in the Lakers' 142-125 win over the Timberwolves on Sunday -- and it wasn't even the best line on his own team. Anthony Davis, who is shooting up MVP boards like a signal flare, put up 50 points, seven rebounds and six assists on an incredible 20-of-29 shooting as the Lakers moved past the Bucks for the best record in the league at 21-3. 

This LeBron-Davis tandem is about as close to unstoppable as it gets right now. They're efficient. Connected. Active on both ends. And they're just so unbelievably skilled and physically dominant that the two of them on the court together feels, well, a lot like the Lakers felt back in the day with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. 

Per Lakers PR, in fact, LeBron and Davis are now the first Lakers to combine for at least 70 points in consecutive games since Kobe and Shaq did it in March 2003. 

Prior to hanging their 82 combined points on Sunday, LeBron and Davis combined for 70 (Davis 39, LeBron 31) in a win over the Blazers on Friday. For the season, Davis is averaging 27.7 points while LeBron, who continues to lead the league in assists at 10.8 a night, is scoring 25.9 per game. 

Davis, who racked up four steals and a block on Sunday, is arguably a frontrunner for Defensive Player of the Year and MVP -- with perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome on the latter award being that his teammate, LeBron, is equally qualified. For the Lakers, this is what they call one of those good problems, much like it was for the Warriors when they had two of the top five players in the league in Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry

For everyone else, well, best wishes.