LeBron James is making it an offseason tradition to celebrate Taco Tuesday, and this week he added some special guests into the mix. 

The Los Angeles Lakers star was with children from the LeBron James Family Foundation and had everyone in the audience of the event yell "Taco Tuesday" when he asked them what day it was. 

The three-time NBA champion was not wearing his custom 'Taco Tuesday' shirt, which he premiered in a video last week, but a 'We Are Family' shirt in honor of the foundation's event. There were also no tacos present in the video but those may have been eaten off camera. Rapper 2 Chainz was a guest at the event and James thanked him in his video for coming to perform for those in attendance. 

LeBron's foundation celebration was held at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, a theme park that has a rollercoaster named after the former Cleveland Cavalier. They were there for their fifth annual family reunion with the foundation. 

The foundation's website describes the reunion:

"In addition to its constant support of our I PROMISE Elementary and Secondary students, the partnership will see our kids and their families at Cedar Point every August for our annual We Are Family Reunion. More than just hosting an event, Cedar Point is helping us create an amazing experience for our families as we kick off another school year and welcome our new class of 3rd graders to the program."

The I PROMISE school selects a new class of students each year to help with their academics and success in school to prepare them for the future.